The Grand Paradox

This week marked the 22nd anniversary of the OKC bombing. Oklahomans, as Oklahomans do, reacted with passion and compassion and heroism after the bombing, so much so that there was a new moniker for it:  “The Oklahoma Standard.”  The Porch was so proud to be an Okie back in 1995.  Not because a terrible thing had happened to people in our State, but because of what Okie’s always do after a tragedy – we pulled together like no one else can do.

That leads the Porch to the title of this short post tonight – the Grand Paradox.  How can a state with some of the very best, most generous, kindest, most compassionate people in the world allow itself to get in the financial and political mess it is in right now? How can we love our neighbor, stop on the road to change a flat tire without even thinking about it, and yet, not expend a single ounce of energy to fight the stench of stinginess and rancor and self-interest that abounds at 23rd and Lincoln?  What happened to people who cared about roads and bridges, the poor, the abused, the drug addicted, the hungry, the sick, the mentally ill, the children, and the elderly in this State?


Where is the “Oklahoma Standard” now that we need it more than ever because we’re telling you folks – we got a class A emergency and a Class F response on our hands right now.

We don’t care if you are a D or an R or an L.

We don’t care what shade or tint the color of your skin is.

We don’t care if you are straight, gay, trans, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-Sooner, pro-Cowboy, as long as you are pro-people.


Start screaming, yelling, ranting, raving, talking, calling, writing, e-mailing, protesting, and most importantly, voting. Cuz something has to change, quickly.   We all have to care, or it just won’t matter any more.

Where is the Oklahoma Standard when we need it the most?

Grandma’s Porch is perplumoxed.

A Grand Paradox.



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