It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…..

…the Dustbowl.

Last time it was man-made, those negligent farming practices combined with mother nature.  The 2017 version of the Dustbowl is created from those dust devil wizards up at 23rd and Lincoln.  The dust devil agitators up at the Capitol like to act like they have the very best interests of us good old folks at heart.

Good grief, can’t you plainly see that taxes are not the solution to our crumbling roads and bridges?  Don’t you know that the good folk can’t read a ballot and understand what is in their best interests for criminal justice reform? Don’t you know that tax credits are the engine fuel for good jobs in this state? And how can we tax the oil and gas industry when it is having such a rough old time? Vouchers, yes vouchers, that will fix public education, I guarantee.

Can you hear the siren call of Texas and Arkansas beckoning Oklahoma teachers to leave those pesky dust devils in the rear view mirror?

Can you see the tailights of those young people passing over the Red River as Google Maps proudly announces “Welcome to Texas?”

The dust devil wizards are working overtime here.