Here’s to the Mothers

To the Mom’s — we all have one.


Some of us are lucky enough to have a really good one.  Some of us not.

To those who didn’t enjoy childhood with a good mother, the porch can’t even fathom the pain that must have caused.  We know if you are taking the time to read this you are the type of person who has risen above that pain and we applaud you for it.



So, what makes a good mother?


Not money.

Not color.

Not education.

Not looks.

Not even warm and fuzzy is required.


But all moms love their children unconditionally.

Unconditionally, yes.

Undisciplined? Never.



We’re thinking Kevin Durant and Anthony Morrow’s mom fit the definition perfectly.


For those young single mothers out there stuck in poverty, Angela Morrow and Wanda Pratt prove that hard work, love, and most importantly- discipline and high expectations- are some of the most important attributes of a good mother. They demanded respect and earned it in return.


Happy Mother’s Day.