Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in


“Woke up this morning with the sundown shinin’ in.. Found my broken mind in a brown paper bag again…”

We figured the Willie Nelson version of this psychedelic song of the 60’s was appropriate since all roads for any public school student in the United States start in 1992 in Dallas with DISD school board member Sandy Kress. Board member Kress convinced the Dallas School District to adopt high stakes testing and accountability in the name of reform for minority students.  The road then follows Kress as he moves to Austin and uses his political ties with the Lieutenant Governor under Governor Ann Richards to get the DISD policy adopted as Texas state law.  Kress, a Democrat, then became a trusted advisor to soon to be President George Bush. Kress was allowed to inflict his madman Texas school accountability testing plan —which provided money to those schools who improved, shut down the ones who didn’t, and fired teachers who didn’t perform (sound familiar?) — on the entire nation through NCLB. Kress is widely acknowledged to be the architect of NCLB.

Kress is a lawyer who primarily works as a lobbyist.  He has lobbied for testing giant Pearson (who holds a 500 million dollar 5 year contract for testing in Texas) and recently lobbied for a new company who wanted to test 4 year olds in Texas – yes – 4 year olds.

So, the porch wondered the other night, where is the data that supports the efficacy of NCLB?  We all know it makes kiddos and teachers into testing zombies, but, Kress’ point was it made them college ready, damn the suffering.  So, the proof should be in the pudding.

No need for the porch to look any further than PATIENT ZERO in our search for the source of the outbreak.  Surely to goodness the Lone Star state with 13 years of experience with its mini-me predecessor of NCLB would have kiddos that have increased their college readiness. Right?  Wouldn’t that be the proof in the pudding? That’s the whole point, isn’t it? An increase in scores, right?image

Well Texas, you have been found to have an unsatisfactory score by the Porch.

You have been declared a low performing State by the porch dwellers.

You. have. failed.

You need to be remediated.

Why you ask?

Well, test results, duh!

The proof is in the pudding dear Texas.

Let’s look at SAT scores.

October 2014:  The lowest SAT math scores in 22 years for Texas students taking the SAT.

The lowest score since 1992?

Say what???

Well, surely the reading scores are better.

Surely Kress’ methods are working on reading, right?

Well, 2014 did show a 2 point increase from the lowest score in two decades in 2012.

Oh. my.

Texas – you have been served notice.  You got all school students into this mess.  You are responsible for little kids throwing up before tests, kids quitting school without a diploma because they lack one darned test, kids who could use those vo-tech skills to raise a family which you eschew as not making them “college ready.”

You need to fix this.  The epidemic can be cured by Patient Zero. Admit defeat. We are all waiting on the cure.

“I saw so much I blew my mind….. Someone painted April Fool in big black letters on a Dead End sign.”

“I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in..”