Oh we just can’t wait to be kings

Let every creature go for broke and sing…..

Oh the porch has a royalty complex today.

If we could be kings, this is what our kingdom would do on day 1:


  • Make all tax credits readily available on the Oklahoma Secretary of State or Treasurer’s website. Searchable.  Kind of like the Ethics Commission public information. That way all of us can easily see which companies are getting big breaks.  Transparency.  Lots of politicians tout it.  Let’s see it.


  • Reinstate those laws requiring parents to vaccinate their children.  A bill passed last legislative session ensures that parents have the right not to vaccinate their kiddos.  So, do parents have the right not to place them in child seats too? What’s the difference?  Give parents the right to opt out of vaccinations on medical or religious reasons.  Otherwise, if you want to attend a publicly supported school, you have to vaccinate.  All anti-vaxxers can form their own private school.


  • Fund that “Justice Reinvestment Initiative” we paid money for back in 2013.  We agreed with all of it when it was passed and signed by Governor Fallin.  We loved everything about it.  Texas reduced their prison costs by following these principles.  What happened?????


  • Get the low safety-risk people out of prison and make them pay for their own monitoring, their own food, water, electricity, health care, all while on probation, and get the cost associated with corrections down.  Who cares if they sit home and watch cable and play video games all day?  They do that now. At least we wouldn’t be funding it.


  • Keep the high safety-risk people locked up for a long, long time.  The bad guys and gals need to have lots of room in prison so they are not paroled early.


  • Shorten the length of the campaign cycle for President and Congress to 6 months.  The Brits seem to elect people with little fanfare, in one month. Everyone except political junkies are rolling their eyes at the fact we have had Presidential candidate announcements within the last week.


  • Eliminate the ability of corporations to make campaign contributions.


  • Pass a “not a single cup of coffee” lobbyist law – and mean it.  Not a single cup of coffee could be bought for an official.  My, how times would change.  Imagine having the same clout as General Motors, Exxon, or the Koch Brothers.


  • Do not allow any former member of Congress or the State Legislature to ever become a lobbyist.


  • Fund mental health facilities and addiction treatment facilities that judges could “sentence” people to, instead of prison.


  • Honor and pay the teachers who make a difference and recognize them as the heroes that they are.


  • Streamline the process to get rid of the teachers who abuse the trust of their students and pull their licenses.


  • Change the law to require all persons to mandatorily report suspected cases of educator sexual misconduct to (a) the local police (b) the OSBI (c) the State Department of Education or (d) The Attorney General.  It is a myth that the current laws require mandatory reporting of all suspected sex abuse.  It only covers suspected sex abuse by parents and guardians.  DHS has no power to investigate other cases and parents and aunts and uncles and superintendents and principals and other teachers do not have to report their suspicions to anyone right now.


  • Provide for loss of licensure if a professional fails to report suspected child abuse.  Let’s make it hurt if you fail to report.


  • Provide penalties if a DHS employee does not report allegations of criminal sex abuse to law enforcement.  We are not saying it is the norm, and we are not saying it is intentional, but it is negligent and inexcusable.  Put some penalties on DHS if the hotline fails to get the information to law enforcement.


  • Find a cure for every childhood disease.


  • Give KD and Westbrook anything they want to keep them here in Oklahoma for the duration of their NBA career. And bring back Perkins in the process.  We miss him.


  • And finally, make the Oklahoma Standard a required course in all Oklahoma schools — one that would be centered on kindness, understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness. Have KD introduce the first lesson every year in a different school selected based on kindness and charity shown towards their fellow students.  What a better world it would be if we all followed that example set by Oklahomans after April 19, 1995.


If only……