Welcome to our porch


Sit down, take a load off….. sit a spell.

Enjoy the quiet solitude of My Grandma’s Porch, a place where we contemplate, commiserate, deliberate, intimidate and vociferate. The art of conversation lives on this porch.

On this porch, many a problem is solved.

Many a politician is roasted.

Many a law is cussed and discussed.

One rule is inviolate on this porch — we respect each other’s opinions.  The right of the cusser/discusser to their own opinion is always honored.  Now, the opinion itself may be declared distasteful, stupid or unworthy, but we are talking about opinions, not the person who voices those opinions.  People are never personally attacked on Grandma’s porch.  In fact, the cussers/discussers lament the loss of honest and respectful debate. We used to have it…used to have respect for each other, but it has been replaced with vitriol.  We have no use for vitriolic debate.

So, you may be asking…. who are you?

nobody special…

just discussers

just bemoaners

just dreamers

just Oklahomans

just Americans

advocates for the voiceless…

advocates for children….

advocates for the elderly….

advocates for the disabled…

advocates for social justice…..

and we intend to voice our opinions loudly on this porch.

We believe in government transparency.

We believe in open records.

We believe in public discourse.

We believe we can be effective in bringing our point of view to the discussion of issues that might not see the light of day.

Gossip will not be a part of our porch sniping.  Let someone else gossip on their own porch.

But do not mistake our disdain of gossip for hesitation to report on public documents or information.  That is most definitely not gossip, even if it makes someone uncomfortable.  Truth tonic is what those discussions are….

And we intend on speaking the truth on this porch.